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Guided Meditation into Faerie

*Begin by going into an Alpha state using any method you are familiar with.*

Envision a brilliantly bright sunny day just at the edge of a great forest. Although you can feel the sun’s healing rays upon you, the sunlight is almost blinding and is warming you to your core. In the distance the trees within the forest sway with a breeze you cannot feel; and the light of the sun is filters through the trees many leaves and branches. The warm sun kisses your face, but you now long to be out from it and to be among the trees, so you walk toward the forest. Heading there you enter and pass through a meadow filled with wildflowers. The sun light shines on the wildflowers and they bask in his presence, offering back to him an array of color. You take a deep breathe in and out; scent fills the air with wild rose, lavender, honeysuckle and lemon balm. As you walk closer to the forest the scent of pine and cedar blend with the flora. The aroma moves all around your face, blessing you with its aromatic power.

Now at the forest edge, you can feel the cool breeze within it. The shaded relief from the sun cools you and feels comfortable on your whole being. You look out into the woods and see that they’re not too dense as you find a natural path to walk along. Still the cool wind blows whirling and rustling through the trees. It seems to lightly wrap around your torso and beacons you to follow it, so you do even as it leads you off the beaten path.

Walking deeper and deeper into the woods you begin to hear the tunes of the song birds, the movement of small animals, and in the far distance you hear a brook. As you follow the sound of the moving water, the song birds follow too, now showing themselves as to say “Hello”. You stop a moment to look around, remembering the sunny meadow you come in from, a quick worrying thought crosses your mind…”Am I lost?” But the song birds answer just as fast; one in particular fly close to you... he’s your favorite. He twirls in circles around your hips till it lands on the forest bed. Hoping and chirping, he looks back at you, assuring you the brook is just ahead.

The little bird has not lied, an opening in the trees shows off its splendid view of rock garden filled with ferns and iris. It edges a gentle moving spring of clear cold water. Your bird ally remains in the forest as you step toward the brook. The cool water is soft and cleansing, the bottom is flat, smooth and easy to walk in…so you do. As you walk within the brook, the water swirls and dances around your legs and feet leading you further toward faster water. Sure footed, you move within the brook to the edge of a fall. You hear the water beating against the rocks below…but if that wasn’t beautiful enough, you now see in the far distance the unknown reason for your travel. The brook divides below into two streams and at the center is a great Ash tree, the Tree of Life. All around it as far as the eye can see is the living realm of Faerie. Light, color, scent, sound and emotion fill your senses as you teleport to the front of the Great Tree of Life.

*Allow yourself at this time to meet any faerie allies, or simply travel within the realm to experience Faerie for yourself. When you are ready to return, envision the Tree of Life and you will be brought back to this location. Travel back through the brook, the forest, the meadow, into the brilliant sun light.

Follow the step you normally take to count up from Alpha/meditation. Give yourself Total Health Clearance and awaken.

By Rev. Jacq R Cabot Civitarese, HPs

*image Tree of Life - Funky Art Gallery

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