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Faerie Majick: Messages from our Allies

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Summer makes for a perfect time for Otherworldly divination and gaining insight from our faerie allies. There are many chances to come across their subtle hints and finds. In this article I'd like to discuss how found objects in nature, whether found on your walks or in your own yard, how these ‘gift’ can quickly become an effective divination tool that the Fae wish you'd use to commune with them. It’s as simple as you might think. Objects either natural or common might lure you over to it…they ‘shine’ in a way just for you. You find yourself walking toward it, or away from it, just to turn back to it again. Why? You might be a Magpie sort like myself or these objects MEAN something! A code or riddle just for you.

Now before we go further, here’s my Faerie warning: Like with any divination tools, you are communicating with some unseen forces just outside of our world and/or your own subconscious. Both of which can be influenced by incorrect attitudes and behavior, either by you or from onlookers from this realm or other realms. Be clear on what your instincts are telling you. Do not take home or touch an object that you’re unsure of. Give yourself Total Health Clearance after a ‘talk’ with your allies or the protective voices in your mind. Practice a good protection defensive daily! I’ve written much about this in other articles; there are so many different ways to shield yourself from unwanted information, advice and visitors. But choosing to do so before every reading or meditation with faeries and otherworldly beings is necessary and should be part of your normal divination routine.

All divination, no matter the tool, should be taken seriously. It is an art and meant to be a continued practice that can gain you vast wisdom and lead you further down your spirit journey than going unknowingly. Divination is a way to access all possible outcomes, like seeing a road map before traveling. The cause and effect of our actions are easily seen by the gods, faeries/beings or chance. By using tools that have been created over centuries and passed down to us, we too can access cosmic patterns that reveal many end results. Most people practice some form of it one way or another as in omens, astrology, dreams and superstitions. These are all words associated with the art of divination.

If you are new to divination then pace yourself, use books, classes or sites online that discuss universal meanings of objects and symbols. Your looking to find meaningful clues: Like the color of the object, where you found it, what time of day, what your thoughts were just before you found it? Takes notes and journal about your found trinkets before you use divination tools to gleam more from them. You might just ‘hear’ the entire message while writing and meditating on it right away! At worst, after card readings, pendulum questions and meditation, you’ll spend a year or so journaling till you finally start to see a pattern develop on what is being shown to you and its importance in your life at that time and now. Be patient, it may take months to develop a relationship with the faeries that surround you, if you haven’t one already.

If your more experienced, then your found gift could give you an instant message from your allies or go as far as taking you on a different journey all together. You could find you are ‘speaking’ with your faerie allies or guide right there and then. If so, request if your faerie friends will aid you further with this item. “May you grant me more insight on why you’ve gifted me this?” “What is the spiritual quest/gain/challenge within this object that I did not see in my original divination work?” If instant answers via telepathy or psychometry is not an option, then the journey to understand is just few tarot cards, oracle cards, or mediation minutes away. Again, do not follow the descent down the rabbit hole unless you feel safe and protected by allies and guides...and you set the proper time and energy to do so.

Using tools for divining more answers takes time, energy and a setting that promotes such communication to occur. Once established some further Q’s might be: “Is my object/question part of my path with the Goddess and the natural world?” “Am I on the track of helping and aiding the world I am in?” Keep your additional questions faerie and spiritually focused at first. Even if your biggest current question is about a new job or a move…they can inform you if there is harmony in the change, if the new surroundings fit your morals and beliefs, if karmic checks and balances need to happen first. Takes notes like before. What cards stand out from your other readings that do not include your faerie ally? Are these answers from your guides greatly different? Or a spin of the same truth when divining without the fae?

Was the reading the same except for the final outcome? That happens to me often when working with faeries. I’m very divided between the spiritual/creative world and the material/practical world. My faerie guides often remind me that yes, I’m was correct on the message of the question, however my take on the material world is a fleeting reality and my souls journey to aid is my true concern in this life. But who knows?! Perhaps your house Brownie is worried you can’t pay your bills, which is why ‘it’ left you shiny, yet old quarter along your path while you were thinking about quitting your job? Shiny=Still in great condition / Old=Yes, your bored of the same old thing / Quarter= The only coin that anyone really wants. That's a message to me if I were thinking of leaving a fine, but boring job!

From here you can begin to ‘see’ where your knowledge ends and their wisdom begins. From this ‘gift to reading’ method and meditations geared toward building bonds with Faerie, I have been able to understand which faerie is speaking to me during certain readings…or with certain divination tools. Cards allow the faeries in your life to share with you their personality not just their advice! Meditation allows you to truly connect on greater levels with all of your senses. Pendulums allow for Yes and No questions. And yes, I find that there is a difference in the outcome than just doing a reading alone. I feel the connection to my faerie friends with just a few cards and can feel the personal touch they add to the reading. Besides, connecting to faeries is was intended by them gifting you an object to begin with.

After the message, I always thank my faerie guides and allies and you should too. Some claim faeries hate that, yours might. I’ve never lost a friend in this realm after saying such meaningful words. Perhaps because I am truly thankful. Returned offerings such as milk, honey, planting native or wild flowers are just a few methods to maintain the friendship and to honor the exchange. After, bid them goodbye and place your new ‘gift’ where ever you like. I add mine to my dream catchers, to tree’s, spell bags, you name it. Lastly, journal it!! You won’t regret keeping track of these omen tokens…over time, you’ll catch on to what concerns your allies and if their messages held more then one meaning.

Originally written for the Beltane/Litha issue of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple Newsletter in 2018

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